The Radiology Department at Connecticut Children’s Medical Center provides a full spectrum of imaging services. The pediatric radiology staff are actively involved in the care of in-patients and out-patients at CCMC and are also involved in the education of residents in pediatrics and radiology as well as medical students. Teaching is done through review of patient studies, consultations as well as clinical and teaching conferences.

A Pediatric Radiology elective is offered to pediatric residents from CCMC and medical students from the University Of Connecticut School of Medicine. Opportunity for clinical research in pediatric radiology is available.

The spectrum of imaging services includes CR/DR, ultrasound, CT, MRI and fluoroscopy of neonates, infants and children. Nuclear Medicine and advanced Interventional Radiology services are provided with collaboration from the Department of Radiology at Hartford Hospital.

Radiology Faculty

Timothy Brown, M.D.
Clinical Assistant Professor and Division Head

Shanshan Bao

Frederick Conard, M.D.
Associate Professor

Douglas Moote, M.D.
Assistant Professor

Stephen Poole, M.D.
Assistant Professor

Margaret Szerejko, M.D.
Assistant Professor

Timothy Brown, M.D.
Timothy Brown, M.D.

University of Connecticut Pediatric Residency Program, Connecticut Children's Medical Center.

Medical Education, 4H, 282 Washington Street, Hartford, CT 06106