Inpatient Curriculum

Residents participate in 9-10 block rotations on the inpatient services over 3 years (4, 2 and 3-4 respectively). In the intern year they rotate on 4 different teams including Red (hematology-oncology), Green (GI/nephrology), Silver (pulmonology/cardiology/neurology), and Purple or Blue (hospital pediatrics). There is exposure to additional medical services and some surgical co-management intermixed as well. Each rotation includes 3 weeks of days and 1 week of nights. In the second year they are the senior resident on a general pediatric team and a subspecialty team and each rotation includes 2 weeks of days and 2 weeks of nights. In the third year they are typically the senior resident on the Green (GI/nephrology), Purple (hospital pediatrics), and Red (hematology-oncology) teams. Based on pathway choice, some do a 4th inpatient rotation on the Silver (pulm/cards/neuro) team instead of a 3rd PICU. They have 4-6 weeks of nights.

Interns will care for a minimum average of 5 patients daily. Senior residents will care for up to 12-24 patients depending on team and days vs. nights and weekends. Residents will care for all medical patients and some co-managed surgical patients hospitalized under inpatient or observation status. They will communicate daily with the attending of record for each patient.

The overall goals of the inpatient rotations for all residents include learning how to care for hospitalized patients including knowing admission and discharge criteria, performing H&Ps, documentation, creating plans, completing tasks, transferring information at shift change, and knowing common inpatient pediatric diagnoses. Other goals include communicating with patients and families, conducting family-centered rounds, working with other healthcare team members, anticipating care needs including discharge, and identifying sick patients. Additionally, for senior residents, goals include demonstrating leadership and teaching skills.

University of Connecticut Pediatric Residency Program, Connecticut Children's Medical Center.

Medical Education, 4H, 282 Washington Street, Hartford, CT 06106