Longitudinal Outpatient Experience

Each resident participates in a longitudinal ambulatory experience during all three years of residency. Previously known as "continuity clinic" the experience had been modified to reflect the diverse educational needs of residents. During the PL-1 and PL-2 years, residents' experience is within primary care at either an academic center (CHC at Connecticut Children's or the Burgdorf/Bank of America Health Center) or with a community practice. During the PL-3 year, residents may decide to participate in a longitudinal experience within a subspecialty area if it relates to their long term career goals.

Attendance is based on the ACGME requirements which states that 36 sessions per year are required within no less than 26 weeks. The experience is usually in the afternoon to allow for attendance on rounds during inpatient blocks. Residents do not attend the experience during PICU blocks, away rotations or during night float weeks.

For residents whose experience is within one of the academic centers, residents are paired with an attending physician in a 1 to 4 ratio with other residents. Within community practices, the ratio is 1:1. The assignment remains consistent during the 2-3 year experience to allow development of mentorship.

The experience allows the resident to develop a panel of their own patients for whom they will be the primary care physician. This will enable the resident to follow the patient's growth and development and manage chronic diseases and follow up on acute issues. Additionally, residents are expected to progressively earn independence with clinical care so that by the time of graduation they are practicing with oversight.

In addition to clinical encounters, the experience includes weekly resident-driven didactic conferences entitled "Topic of the Week." This is a 3 year rotating curriculum focusing on high-yield primary care topics. The curriculum is supplemented with online learning from the Johns Hopkins Ambulatory Care learning modules. Additionally, residents participate in PDSA quality improvement cycles yearly.

University of Connecticut Pediatric Residency Program, Connecticut Children's Medical Center.

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