Advocacy and Global Health

Population Health

The residency program is committed to offering residents the opportunity to pursue career interests in advocacy and global health. Every resident participates in a longitudinal experience in community advocacy. In addition, interested residents can devote additional time to training in advocacy or global health.


REACH presents the University of Connecticut pediatric resident the unique opportunity to develop knowledge and skill in the areas of advocacy, community health, and public policy. As an integral program of Connecticut Children’s Office for Community Child Health, REACH works closely with experts in the fields of population health, community research, policy formation and social innovation, all toward the promotion of children’s healthy development.

Each pediatric resident is partnered with one of eight community programs during their PL-1 (intern) year and works with the program during all three years of residency. Residents are given protected time during which they engage with their community partners.

Additionally, residents interested in furthering their skill in advocacy, partnership building and community engagement can chose to use complete “REACH pathway blocks” that are individualized to serve the learner’s educational needs.

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Global Health

The Center for Global Health (CGH) is an institution-wide program supporting the activities of faculty, residents and staff who are committed to sustainable capacity-building activities to improve the care of children in resource-limited setting. A major focus of the CGH is to provide opportunities for residents to participate in these activities under the supervision of Connecticut Children’s faculty. The CGH also sponsors a yearly Global Healthcare Conference in the Spring and a Global Health Film Festival in the Fall. In addition, an open meeting of the Global Health Interest Group is held monthly on the 2nd Thursday at 2p in the PICU conference room. The goal of the Pediatric Resident Global Health Pathway is to prepare pediatric residents for careers that are focused on or include the care of children who are living in resource-limited settings or have recently lived in resource-limited settings. The objectives are to provide safe, effective and relevant experiences for pediatric residents that are directly applicable to the goals as well as to increase resident awareness of health issues facing children living in resource-limited settings countries.

Current pediatric resident opportunities include multi-week electives at St. Damiens Hospital in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, Hospital Bernard Mevs in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, the NICE Institute in Hyderabad, India and the University Teaching Hospital of Kigali in Kigali, Rwanda. All of these programs are examples of sustainable programs in which faculty and learners from Connecticut Children’s Medical Center collaborate with partners in order to improve the health care capacity in resource-limited settings.

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